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Hi, I am Chris and I like train in Japan and Initial D.

I like two type of trains in Japan. The Odakyu Line, and the Yamanote line. The Odakyu line is famous for its Romancecar services. The commuter services from Shinjuku go to Odawara, Karakida, Enoshima, and romacecar services through to Hakone-Yumoto. Tama Express Services go through to the Chiyoda Line and through to the Joban Line.

The Yamanote line is a key line in Tokyo. This train goes in a loop and offer clockwise and counter-clockwise trains. From Shinagawa on the dashboard going clockwise, For Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno, Tokyo, and Shinagawa. Going counter-clockwise, For Tokyo, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Shinagawa. Two locations are stated at a time.

Initial D could be spoiled for you. Please be careful.

















Now for Initial D. Initial D is based on a person named Takumi Fujiwara. His father, Bunta Fujiwara, runs a Tofu shop. His father used to be the number 1 racer on a nearby mountain pass named Akina. Takumi now uses the 86 Sprinter Trueno APEX Twincam for delivering the tofu not being aware of his father’s full intent.

Season One (Initial D), noted to the fans as first stage, introduces Takumi who is in High School (He started driving since 7th Grade). He works a part time job at a Gas Station run by a friend of Bunta. Takumi battles the Akagi Red Suns, Myogi Night Kids, and Impact Blue.

Season Two, Initial D Second Stage battles Team Emperor which Takumi blows the 86 motor. Later on, the car is returned to Takumi and soon finds that this is a so unreal motor that how did he get it. He later finds out it is a Group A engine. Another 86 finds Takumi. A Levin turbo is up against Takumi is next.

Initial D the Movie, Third Stage. Takumi asks for a battle again with Team Emperor. Then, another competitor comes. A long rivalry started from Bunta and another person led its way into the present.

Initial D Fourth Stage begins. Takumi decides to join Project D. These Battles include Todo School, Battles against Saitama, and Purple Shadow.

Initial D Fifth Stage begins with a handful. Imposters of Takumi and Keisuke and claiming to be in Project D. They go to Kanagawa, Hakone, and an unfinished battle between Ryouske and a GTR. Then the Project D is entering its final stage. The race between Takumi and another AE86.

Initial D Final Stage. Takumi may have a match for himself. The meaning of D in Project D is revealed.


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