How do I increase comments on my blog?

Simple. Here are some things to do.

A. Post more!

Posting posts is important and you should do this as often as possible. This makes things fresh so if one was to visit your blog today and you posted some posts today as well, the same person, if he/she comes back, they may come again and even better, COMMENT.

B. Comment on other blogs

I know that this is sometimes a big hassle to comment on other people’s blogs but it certainly helps in a way to advertise your blog and also get COMMENTS. Also, leave a link to your blog so they visit you to COMMENT. Or else, what a waste of time. Nice, but the COMMENTS!

C. Don’t go overboard

I know I said to post as often as you can, but if you post too much, one day of posts kind of take up one page and no one unless a otaku (crazy people who are into things), are going to read every single one of them. One average person might take it as weeks old content and will think that it was 2016 or something. If you do post at a reasonable rate, people will COMMENT!

That’s all I can think of. If you have more suggestions or comments, comment down below. Thank you! hmschris

2 thoughts on “How do I increase comments on my blog?

  1. This post is very true. I think that this explained everything that I think is necessary to get more comments on your blog/page/social media. I think though Chris that you should sometimes go overboard though to keep up with the demand of some of the readers. Just a recommendation. Thank you!

    (Translated from Japanese)
    Chris’ Mom

  2. Hi Chris,

    You know, I feel like the “don’t go overboard” part applies mostly to me XD. I post really often. But… then again, I’ve been losing ideas for what to post lately, so I only post about two times a week.


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