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One night at a 7-ELEVEN in the U.S.A., the cashier was tired after a long day. It was 12:00. His shift ended in 30 minutes. Another employee, was also there to work until 5:00. It was quiet and there was only one customer there to buy a candy bar and an energy drink. A black Nissan GT-R pulls up. A large, tall man in a orange shirt came out and walks into the store. He comes in and looks around suspiciously. He looked at security cameras positioned seemingly everywhere. He picks up a big box of chocolate bars. The two employees look at each other not knowing what to do. Finally, the cashier tells the customer that they are not allowed to buy a whole box or chocolate bars due to “limits”. The man, angry at this, puts it down and knocks the store’s magazine and bookcase over. He then points a dangerous instrument at the cashier and demands money. The other employee runs to the back room and dials 911. Police are soon on the way just as the man runs to the back to check out the back room. The employee is soon found and now have the cashier and the other employee hostage. The cashier refuses to open the register and throws the key in a shredder. The man even angrier now threatens to kill him this instant if he does not give up the passcode for the register. Just as this happens, the police show up. The man not startled continues to point the instrument at the cashier. This is where you come in.  Either

A. The man runs away in the GT-R and starts a pursuit

B. The man gives up

C. The man kills the cashier and takes the whole register

D. The cashier takes defensive action and overpowers the man

E. The other employee steps in to overpower the man

F. The police walk in and just cuff the man

Which one? The path is yours.

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