What iPhone is it already?

To answer this question, 15 iPhones have been introduced to the world so far. In fact, Apple is coming out with some new phones this Fall. The 7S and 7S Plus are basically an updated version of the iPhone 7. So it’s refreshed and that’s about it. Then there’s another phone. The name isn’t final, but it’s either the iPhone Edition or iPhone 8. This is a big year for Apple. It’s been around 10 years since the first iPhone. Let’s look at the history.

The original iPhone was released to the world on June 20, 2007. Basically, it connected three different devices into one. A iPod, A Phone, And an Internet Communicator (Safari). It was so technologically better than Samsung, LG, the whole lot. Steve Jobs in the Keynote said that the problem with every phone, the bottom half, had a keyboard. And once it’s shipped, it’s done. No more changes. When you have a good idea, you can’t just change a button. So, guess what they did. They made a giant screen. They also introduced iOS. Basically Apple sends an update to the phone and you can download it to improve your phone, or you can keep it the way you want. And what about maneuverability? It was all buttons right? How about a Stylus? It’s good! NO!!! You drop them, they break, you lose them, yuck. But, Apple went further. “……..something we are all born with. Our fingers.” Steve Jobs Keynote. It was a marvel. Until the next one came out.

A year later, the 3G came out. The 3G had some changes. The App Store was introduced for third-party apps. Several hardware changes were made. It also came with GPS and iOS 2.0. Now that was good. But it’s pretty much the same thing. Including the next phone.

The iPhone 3GS. The “S” at the end stood for speed. So higher performance, a 3-megapixel camera with higher resolution that was now able to take a video, and among other things. But the next iPhone truly changed the iPhone.

Another year, another iPhone. iPhone 4 now. It was a bit box like. Although some good things did happen. Screen resolution was higher and faster. Do you know why you don’t have to have Skype to see someone physically? Thank FaceTime. And do you know why we have a Selfie? Thank the iPhone 4. First in it’s kind to have a front-facing camera. Unfortunately, something devastating happened.

As the iPhone 4S came out, Apple announces the death of Steve Jobs. A sad time. The “S” didn’t stand for Steve, but for Siri, the funny, but helpful virtual assistant. The original Siri’s voice was not known until much later. You hear her voice everywhere. Airports, railway, everywhere. The name? Susan Bennett. Thank her for being the best math teacher ever. A tip. Ask Siri what Zero divided by Zero is.  A 8 megapixel camera came with 1080p video recording.  It debuted with iOS5,  iCloud, iMessage, Notification Center, Reminders, and Twitter integration.

iPhone 5 was next. It was a tad smaller. It also introduced the lightning port as apple though that a big 30 pin connector was a hassle to plug in. Yuck. The iPhone 5C didn’t help. Although it had a color case, it was actually slower than the 5. The 5S however, was a angel. Security was starting to become an issue. So, instead of plugging in your Four-number pin, you can touch the home button, and then your in. This is called in Touch ID. Amazing. The White/Gold combination was born with this phone too.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is a huge jump. Big screen for 6. Biggest Screen for 6 Plus. It also improved LTE and Wifi capability. Although that was good, the phone was very susceptible to bending or “bendgate” as they called it.  It also had more flaws with the phone. It was useless to some.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus was a bit different. No it won’t bend as it’s built with a stronger alloy. Better LTE was included. Improvements to the Touch ID system. 3D Touch was introduced and is pressure-sensitive inputs from the finger. Basically, if you hold down on an app, you can do something without opening it. Not all the apps do this, but it is handy to hop from place without pressing the home button so much. Unfortunately, all that umph is powered by a battery which was reported to be bad. It apparently had a short battery life. But, it still looks good.

The iPhone SE was pretty good too. “SE” stands for special edition if you’re wondering. It was basically an iPhone 5 or 5S running on steroids. But, all the equipment comes from the 6S. And, you now get Apple Pay, always-on Siri activation, Live Photos, and the Rose Gold color.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus jump was huge. Since Samsung and other companies have waterproofed their phones, Apple did their phone to the same specifications. Although it did not reach the IP68 rating, it did receive IP67. Which is still good. Many improvements came. Colors of Jet Black, Matte Black, and (PRODUCT) RED were released. The home button, instead of being a physical one, it is now not physical. Apple has increased the capacity of their Taptic Engine so now it can mimic the feel of a press of a button.  The cameras were huge too. The rear camera, or cameras are awesome. There is that normal lens, but there is now a telephoto lens so now you can get closer into the subject without losing quality of the photo. Apple then has plucked up the courage to remove the headphone jack from its phone. Now, ok. Now there is one less place for water to get in and, another speaker. So, more noise out loud. But, there is a new problem. What happens to the people would needed that headphone jack? Well, Apple has included a lightning connector to headphone jack connector. Now then, there is another problem. Now you cannot charge your phone while listening to music. So, Bluetooth headphones such as Beats and the Apple Airpods. Now these cost money and battery life to operate the Bluetooth, but for some, it’s worth it.

So now lets talk about the new iPhone. From the iPhone to now, 10 years have passed. Many technologies and crazes have come an gone within that time. One decade of screwing around and being super protectant about something. So. Let’s reinvent and refine the phone. The iPhone. So, let’s turn the camera vertically. Make that gloss finish like on the iPhone 4, and then, “make a giant screen.” And, the display is better as well. We have hit the roof with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The iPhone 7 displayed the maximum potential of an LCD display. And once you hit the maximum, that’s it. It can give no more. So you have to come up with something else that works. So we did. OLED (Organic LED). And Apple has used this before. On the Apple Watch. So, let’s bring that magic over to the new iPhone, and we’ll make the screen OLED. Now another rumor is going around. Remember when I was talking about Bluetooth and headphones blah blah blah? Rumors are going around about Apple doing Wireless Charging. Ok. Samsung has that already. So. Let’s take that further. Apple is reportedly making the Wireless Charging work in a whole room. So, if you walk into a room with a router sort of device that emits electric waves, it will charge your phone without putting it on a dock or anywhere. Now it will take longer to charge, but hey, less struggle with all the wires for your Mac, Apple Watch, Airpods, you iPhone, and iPad. Now also, Apple is reportedly getting IP68 rating for the iPhone as well. Now remember when I said when the display is one big thing? What happens to the front-facing camera? My Selfie! I also cannot hear anything while talking to someone on the phone. HELP!!! So, it will be integrated into the display. Now, we will lose the home button. What happens to Touch ID? Now this one is less clear. There are two options. Either A. put it on the back of the phone or B. Integrate it into the display. Also, IRIS scanning is also planning to happen as well. So, more security. Now battery. Since more room has been freed from smaller processors and stuff like that. So let’s use that space for battery. Instead of a long rectangle, it is shaped like an L. More battery life is always good for Snapchat people. Amazing things happening.


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Flickr One of the many concepts that are out for the new iPhone.

Keep a watchful eye on the phone market now.

How do I increase comments on my blog?

Simple. Here are some things to do.

A. Post more!

Posting posts is important and you should do this as often as possible. This makes things fresh so if one was to visit your blog today and you posted some posts today as well, the same person, if he/she comes back, they may come again and even better, COMMENT.

B. Comment on other blogs

I know that this is sometimes a big hassle to comment on other people’s blogs but it certainly helps in a way to advertise your blog and also get COMMENTS. Also, leave a link to your blog so they visit you to COMMENT. Or else, what a waste of time. Nice, but the COMMENTS!

C. Don’t go overboard

I know I said to post as often as you can, but if you post too much, one day of posts kind of take up one page and no one unless a otaku (crazy people who are into things), are going to read every single one of them. One average person might take it as weeks old content and will think that it was 2016 or something. If you do post at a reasonable rate, people will COMMENT!

That’s all I can think of. If you have more suggestions or comments, comment down below. Thank you! hmschris

Picture Story

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One night at a 7-ELEVEN in the U.S.A., the cashier was tired after a long day. It was 12:00. His shift ended in 30 minutes. Another employee, was also there to work until 5:00. It was quiet and there was only one customer there to buy a candy bar and an energy drink. A black Nissan GT-R pulls up. A large, tall man in a orange shirt came out and walks into the store. He comes in and looks around suspiciously. He looked at security cameras positioned seemingly everywhere. He picks up a big box of chocolate bars. The two employees look at each other not knowing what to do. Finally, the cashier tells the customer that they are not allowed to buy a whole box or chocolate bars due to “limits”. The man, angry at this, puts it down and knocks the store’s magazine and bookcase over. He then points a dangerous instrument at the cashier and demands money. The other employee runs to the back room and dials 911. Police are soon on the way just as the man runs to the back to check out the back room. The employee is soon found and now have the cashier and the other employee hostage. The cashier refuses to open the register and throws the key in a shredder. The man even angrier now threatens to kill him this instant if he does not give up the passcode for the register. Just as this happens, the police show up. The man not startled continues to point the instrument at the cashier. This is where you come in.  Either

A. The man runs away in the GT-R and starts a pursuit

B. The man gives up

C. The man kills the cashier and takes the whole register

D. The cashier takes defensive action and overpowers the man

E. The other employee steps in to overpower the man

F. The police walk in and just cuff the man

Which one? The path is yours.

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All About Me!

Hi Emily.

It must have bee a big change from living in the UK to Australia. Colder region to a very hot place. A different style of English. Happy Saint Patrick’s day by the way!

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About Me!

Hi Maddison,

You must really like your horses. They’re all over you blog! It must be a rukus with all those animals living in your household. Anyway, Happy Blogging.

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Hi Jayson,

I’m not so interested in soccer that much, but my friend wears indoor soccer shoes everyday. Although, there is one pair of shoes that look like they belong at the bowling alley shoe rental area. Oh well. Happy Blogging!

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Say Goodbye To The Old, Hello To The New

I have finally. updated my avatar. The Initial D AE86 is no more as it no longer meets standards. Anyway, I like Lego, I like phones, I play tennis, I wear caps when I can, Its a lot like me except the color. Nobody in this world except The Simpsons and unfortunately some ill people are yellow. Well, it’s is hard I guess to make plastic light brown when you’re yellow. Anyway, new me!

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Many supercars. No. Really!

In 2006. There wasn’t much left of a good supercar. Ferrari and Lamborghini were pretty much it for supercars.

Today, it seems to have come back. Toyota has the 86 and will soon have the Supra back. Honda/Acura has the NSX. Nissan has the Fairlady and GTR. Lexus has the RC-F. Dodge has the Challenger Hellcat. Ford has the Mustang and the GT. Mazda is rumored to have the “RX-9”. Chevrolet has the Corvette and Camaro. BMW still has their M series cars. Benz has all those classes of cars still. Audi has the R8. Bugatti had the Veyron and now the Chiron. Subaru has the Impreza WRX STi. I think that’s all of them.

Anyway, most of them are back. And they are more impressive than before and more powerful. The 86 now has 205 HP. RC-F, 467 HP. The NSX has 573 HP. GTR has up to 600 HP. GT, more than 600 HP. Camaro has up to 650 HP. Corvette also has 650. Camaro as well. The SRT Hellcat has 707 HP. The Veyron had up to 1,200 HP. And the Chiron, 1, 479 BHP.

Amazing how far we have come.

Vehicle Warranties

I noticed this lately but vehicle warranties in the olden days were not that long. Normally these days you would expect a 5 year warranty or 50,000 miles before that or something along those lines. But in the 1970’s, Dodge’s Challenger R/T warranty was not 5 years, not one, not 6 months, but 90 days. 90 days, after that, that’s it, you’re on your own, bub. Amazing. 90 days. This is mainly because before this, Japanese cars were not here and in Japan, they were building very high quality cars that lasted many years. In America, cars were mainly going to last around 5 years. That’s so that after that, usually a new generation car comes out and hopefully they hope those same people buy it. But, when the Japanese came along, these cars were easily lasting 10 years and made us up our game. These days, 20 years will pass before we probably need to start worrying about our car. Anyway. See you later.

GT Sport

This new game is the new installment in this old series. GT Sport is the “new era” and GT6 was the end of the old era.

This new game has HDR and is much more realistic than older games and Forza. In fact, with the PS4 Pro and the best TV in the world, this would be the best game in the world. Here take a look.

Image result for GT Sport


If I hadn’t told you that this was a simulation, you would think that this was definitely Willow Springs. That’s how far we have come. This is how far we have come with technology. It is planned to come out sometime this year after being delayed. This game is more for like real racing compared to fun games and test drives of the cars. It does have VR Support but only in a certain section of the game. Nice. Anyway. Lookout!

The New Camry

The sexy looking car is the new Camry and is coming out after this year in 2018. With this, more refined performance and comfort. It has every sport feeling like that aggressive Terrier of yours that ruff ruff ruff ruff and jumps over your shoulder, but still has that nice smooth feeling. Not much is known about this new car. Stay tuned!

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Audit and Review

Within the weeks,  I have written 9 posts

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Mom has reviewed my blog. I have summarized things so it won’t be that long.

She said it was very interesting and fun. She saw many big pictures and was very captured by that. No distractions to me. More train information.